#87: "Constructive Criticism"

Constructive Criticism

Mimi Says

Things aren't going well for me at all, so I will be removing the Friday updates for the time being. This means that #88 will go up next Monday, instead. Apologies for the change of plans.


All this time nobody told Geoffrey that Timmy had a ballet accident. It must suck to be left out of the loop.


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2.11.2015, 19:23
I hope things get better for you, Mimi... and perhaps soon for Mr. Timmy here. The page is lovely, though. :)

(Do take care of yourself. We can wait for comics.)
2.11.2015, 19:43
thanks for the kind words ^-^

(and I'm sure Timmy appreciates it, as well!)
2.11.2015, 19:49
Maybe it sucks to be left out of the loop but it sure does not that you have a friend who will not judge you for it unlike people around you in general :)
2.11.2015, 19:52
it's like she's actually the most decent friend that Timmy has (assuming you're referring to Bo, right?)
2.11.2015, 20:06
To both her and Geoff.
At least I think his responses are about friendly jokes and words of wisdom than snark.
Even thought Tim is not exactly nicest at times in return :D

Ya. I know Geoff has his share of problems but I still cannot see him as deliberately mean.
2.11.2015, 20:13
the Timmy-Geoffrey relationship is unique in that they don't get on with each other but can make wise cracks at each other; it's a fine line that may or may not be breached.

and yeah, Geoffrey isn't outright horrible, just blunt. Robyn is a closer match to the description.
2.11.2015, 20:19
Interesting. Just like in cop shows!
That is one level or type of affection/appreciation though.
At least I see it that way.
I know a few "Geoffs" and while they do deserve a slap from time to time, their help IS genuine.
2.11.2015, 20:30
well I wasn't going to make all the inter-relationships within this group of preschool characters all straightfoward and positive was I? O: feel free to interpret it how you want~
2.11.2015, 22:30
This comic is just so sweet. I really hope everything turns out alright for them in the end. Poor Timmy.

To daaaaance agaaaain. I've been waiting all these years to
daaaance agaaaaaain....
2.11.2015, 22:39
aw, thanks~ owo

poor Timmy, indeed. all he wanted to do was dance D:
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