Mimi Says

some of my readers know what is going on, but for those who do not: I am forced to put School of Ragdoll on an indefinite hiatus as consequence of my ongoing personal struggles

I will endeavour to bring the comic back in the future because I want to fight for it; I love it too much to let it go prematurely. it deserves better than this.

but for now-- I am sorry. it has been a fantastic run.


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14.12.2015, 19:08

I love all your work but I love /you/ more and I'm glad you're taking care of yourself first :)
14.12.2015, 20:55
< 3 thank you

it's to the point where I have to prioritise one over the other, which is sad
15.12.2015, 1:44
Hang in there Mimz we believe in you~ ;~;
15.12.2015, 20:44
thank you Sea~~
15.12.2015, 14:53
Good luck :>
15.12.2015, 20:44
thanks :D
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