#91: "Degredation"


Mimi Says

I asked a friend what colour Timmy's bowling ball should be. They answered 'red' for silly reasons but it looks like Bo picked it because of course the Red One would pick the red bowling ball. Red.

also the best month of the year starts tomorrow O:


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30.11.2015, 19:24
Poor Timmy. I mean, he really seems to not be having fun...
30.11.2015, 21:11
it's like some cruel punishment for attempting to follow his dreams
30.11.2015, 20:01
Maybe he should use the crutches and play it as golf!
30.11.2015, 21:09
now there's a thought... o:
30.11.2015, 23:04
I bet those reasons were actually incredibly legit and canon!;)
Aww man, poor Timmy. That pitiful push... ;~;
30.11.2015, 23:59
he seems to really need a big hug D:
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