#90: "Scoreboard"


Mimi Says

Not sure if it's noticeable or not but it doesn't really matter anyway but I thought that the speech bubbles for the main characters should have a 'dark' palette.

Also, callback all the way to #18, aka 'The Dark Ages'.


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23.11.2015, 19:05
Good to know.
I would ask Timmy to play as white in chess then. I kinda have more luck as black even though statistics say the first move probably really is advantageous.

They are definitely cop budd--
*intercontinental ballistic missile en route*
23.11.2015, 19:36
Well, you'd be in luck asking him to play as white as that means he's not playing as purple. Even if 'purple' isn't an option in chess, he'd appreciate it~
23.11.2015, 19:44
I have seen various colors though as there are various looking boards but then it is more about "style" and friendly matches.
Even purple.
And purple is my most favorite color, actually.

Competition! Competition EVERYWHERE!
24.11.2015, 4:46
I love love LOVE callbacks like this! Nicely done, Mimi!

I DOUBT Timmy going to be playing Twister any time soon, though...
24.11.2015, 17:26
hmm, as long as he's the one with the wheel

like last time
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