#89: "Loud Noises"

Loud Noises

Mimi Says

About time I inserted myself into my own comic, to be honest.

I also hope that 'Bowl 360' is not a real bowling chain because I insist that I made that up U:


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16.11.2015, 20:33
You realize, of course, that I am now forever picturing you like that.

I love how enthusiastic Laura is about... everything! :)

(And I did a quick google search for "Bowl 360" and I didn't find any actual bowling alleys!)
16.11.2015, 20:41
well my hair has since gotten less red as the colour's been fading, haha woops~

and yes, Laura's enthusiastic :D I don't think SoR would be what it is without that!
16.11.2015, 20:49
Omg, that purple bowling ball logo looks like a cute creature with a face and small hands!
Really cool :D
Mascot confirmed!
16.11.2015, 21:10
oh wow! it does~ aww, yeah, mascot confirmed!
17.11.2015, 1:21
Haha I approve of this mascot!

And bowling wooo
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