#88: "Slow Down"

Slow Down

Mimi Says

Timmy's really good at attracting that attention.

Also the comic's source is back on television as a remake. I'll work this into SoR somehow, eventually.


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9.11.2015, 19:07
I have a good friend who at one point broke his leg.
He learned to kick the ground and move the crutches so well that he actually became quite fast :D

Good to see Timmy being a favorite among kids.
I like that :>
9.11.2015, 19:30
ooh, that's really good! :D if only I was able to figure that out when I suffered the same injury Timmy did

and him being a "favourite among kids"? hm, you may be onto something, there o;
9.11.2015, 21:20
This whole time, I'm all "Poor Timmy", Seriously. The guy is really getting the short end of the stick.
9.11.2015, 21:39
does that make me a bad person because of this? o: even if he is my favourite?
10.11.2015, 4:43
No, Mimi, it doesn't. We often hurt the one we love (and I have some TERRIBLE things in the future of my characters...)
9.11.2015, 22:01
Aw, that kid though XD
9.11.2015, 22:11
when drawing him I wondered if kids still wear their caps backwards

also he was asking a perfectly valid question
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