#84: "Conflicting"


Mimi Says

What's... this? Laura... being assertive? o;


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19.10.2015, 18:07
Hm. I suspected as much but still...
Depends on one's limit. She is naive and optimistic but not dumb. There is so much Timmy can "badmouth" in one sentence before it is too much.
Or she is just shielding herself and agrees.
19.10.2015, 18:15
"[Laura is] not dumb", reminds me of the phrase "I may be dumb but not stupid."

These 'exploitative' events mean a lot to Laura.
19.10.2015, 22:35
Timmy is the quintessential "I resent my fame" type, it seems, while Laura exults in it... :)
19.10.2015, 22:47
Odds are that there are reasons behind both of their behaviours.

also both are just as fun to write~
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