#82: "Planning Ahead"

Planning Ahead

Mimi Says

Don't be too worried, Geoffrey. England is known for being rather dry, I'm sure it won't rain.


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9.10.2015, 18:07
oh... right. I'm "sure" it won't rain... :P
9.10.2015, 18:50
yeah, the country is known for getting into droughts and not flooding half of itself every other year or so o:
9.10.2015, 18:27
It is cool.
Laura is capable of turning ruined rainy days into something special :)
9.10.2015, 18:51
we shall see about that :D
9.10.2015, 21:51
Dat foreshadowing doe.
9.10.2015, 21:57
wait, what foreshadowing? O:
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