#81: "All Aboard"

All Aboard

Mimi Says

After two months, I'm back!

Things aren't off to a good start for Timmy already. How typical.


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5.10.2015, 18:09
Aw, that's gotta be so annoying XD
5.10.2015, 18:33
I imagine it's like when anyone famous tries to use public transport.
5.10.2015, 18:14
That sucks when even random people on train are already making comments :(
5.10.2015, 18:34
Yeah... though it can't be helped by those random people, I'm sure O:
5.10.2015, 18:20
Shouldn't he be used to it by now? :P

And welcome back! :D
5.10.2015, 18:34
doesn't mean he likes it any more than he could do, but at least it's just him that reacts so negatively towards it

and thank you! C: same for you! O:
5.10.2015, 21:30
It's them...they're back! ;D

Mweehehehe, welcome back Mimz ~ :D
5.10.2015, 21:58
yes, they are! :D thank you~

e: and the passengers had to wait so long to say hi!
6.10.2015, 13:17
Timmy about to wreck ur shit up if u don't stop
Yes it's back this is good
6.10.2015, 16:58
thankfully Timmy isn't the one who lashes out on people otherwise that would've happened at least once already
13.10.2015, 22:51
That has to wear thin fast.
13.10.2015, 23:55
but it annoys him so much D;

(I'll try to sparse these out in the future, as well)
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