#73: "Say What You See"

Say What You See

Mimi Says

I try hard with my references, source-specific or otherwise.

Laura and the others have grown out of saying their catchphrase due to them mastering the English language over the years; they only say it if you ask them nicely.


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3.7.2015, 19:00
That's so embarrassing tho! Poor Laura.
3.7.2015, 19:07
She doesn't really mind saying it but only to young children-- being 'ordered' to say it is awkward, yes.
13.10.2015, 22:46
Wow... that's so messed up.

Let her be a person.
13.10.2015, 23:48
you're really not a fan of Robyn's practices are you o:
14.10.2015, 0:14
It's just so wrong to treat a person like a mascot.
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