#43: "Her Honest Opinion"

Her Honest Opinion

Mimi Says

Once again, I made last-minute changes to the dialogue to get a more focused meaning across. This time, though, I wanted to clarify Bo's reasonings by introducing some backstory (and I feel that it reads better this way).

Wow, writing for Timmy and Bo alone is hard.


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13.2.2015, 19:11
Bo's got a point, Timmy. You enjoyed it, so why not try doing it again? :-D
14.2.2015, 23:45
After all, what's the worst that can happen? :o
16.2.2015, 20:15
And being recognized is what people in performance professions need the most :)
16.2.2015, 20:49
Maybe, but I don't think Timmy wants another round of fame; he just wants to ~dance~
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