#2: "Enter Geoffrey"

Enter Geoffrey

Mimi Says

Geoffrey, here, is the green one. He was the hardest for me to re-name, as there's barely any names that sound similar to his original name.
He is also never seen without a hat. He has a spiffy collection of them.

*Note: I began drawing these strips in June and will eventually upload my 14-page initial buffer which hope to show an improvement compared to the first few strips. Because those tend to be not-so-great, right?


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10.10.2014, 18:30
very spiffy indeed! nice comic too!
19.5.2015, 22:53
Timmy's inner monologue:
"Don't mention the cow top hat, don't mention the cow top hat, DON'T MENTION THE COW TOP HAT..."

...fanfic. You're welcome. :)
8.6.2015, 18:06
oh my god. this is teletubbies. i love you.
8.6.2015, 18:08
Unironically, yes. I'm glad to have been of assistance.
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