#15: "A Realisation"

A Realisation

Mimi Says

In which Timmy states the obvious (to him, anyway), and becomes self-aware for the first time.

It won't be the last.


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10.10.2014, 19:25
I'm checking your comic for some time now.
I like your character designs. I admire the colors (but you're my colormaster so you should know that :P). I really like the page layout.
I just.. wonder where are you going with the story if there is any ;>
10.10.2014, 23:53
Thank you! :D
The comic's a slice-of-life, so there's not so much a linear "story" but rather a series of events relating to the premise. i.e. they're older now; they're not what they used to be. The comic picks up in near-future updates, I feel.
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