Transformation Underway

Transformation Underway

Mimi Says

I'm still a little apprehensive about this because nothing has been set in stone yet and I'm still very much in with the depression but

hey, remember this? I'm so sorry for being out-of-touch since the last update. Life's hard, right now. But! I aim to start production on School of Ragdoll Of Flowers & Pinwheels in the summer. That's when I will have enough free time to fully focus on what I love. The comic will be uploaded onto a brand-new site to go with the name change.

So get hype, maybe. If you want.


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15.5.2016, 16:43


And remember, there are a bunch of people around that are here for you!
15.5.2016, 17:32
thank you! < 3
15.5.2016, 17:50
Yeaaaaaaaaah!! :DD
15.5.2016, 21:14
Looking forward to it :D
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