Meet the Main Cast!

Timothy Wilson

A well-meaning young man with a sour-and-sweet personality but is painfully aware of his sub-par reputation. He enjoys ballet, nature, making jokes, and being with the people he cares about. Mimi's favourite.

Geoffrey Hayden

Aloof, blunt, stubborn, and hardly seen with the others in the quartet; not surprising, being that he has a beef with pretty much all of them, for some reason. Has quite an impressive hat collection from over the years. Works at a corner shop.

Laura Wilson

A barista-in-training over at Café Pinwheel. She's lively, sweet, but consistently has her head in the clouds. She's very good with little kids; something that she's rather proud of. Very happy with her reputation. Mimi's childhood favourite.

Bo Fan Zyu

Quiet, and height and weight-conscious. She's usually found in the garage tinkering with things. Her family emigrated from Hong Kong, and from that she has been brought up to speak both Chinese and English.

Additional Cast


A barista at Café Pinwheel who really knows what she's doing. Fascinated with the wonders of Pinweel Hills, but maybe a bit too much.


The baker at Café Pinwheel who really doesn't know what she's doing. She outranks Laura in ditziness.