What is School of Ragdoll?

Remember the Teletubbies? School of Ragdoll takes them to our world, in the present day, and subjects them to a normal, human life. Now that they and other people are aware of their reputations, the challenge they face is to maintain a balance between being both themselves and just like everyone else.

The comic begins from the Summer of 2014, making the lead cast 17 years old. SoR updates regularly with a new 4-panel strip every Monday and every other Friday at 7pm GMT/BST.

Even with no knowledge of the source, the comic can be read and enjoyed by anyone, so sit back and have fun :D

This comic is unofficial, with no direct references made in the comic. The comic is also a parody, but an affectionate one, so all is well and no harm is intended.

Who is Mimi Kitapi?

Mimi Kitapi is an artist and Media Production student living in the middle of England.

She has been drawing and creating characters since 2007 and continues to pursue this as her hobby. Mimi has created SoR to share her equal love for the works that defined her childhood and still resonate with her today.

Aside from drawing, she also dabbles in sewing and front-end web development.

Mimi can be reached via ComicFury PM, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Important Information

School of Ragdoll; the comic, writing, art, and character designs belong to Mimi Kitapi.
Teletubbies; the original characters and concepts © DHX Media 2013-present, Ragdoll Ltd 1997-2013.

Website coded by the comic author and hosted by ComicFury.

Other credit is given where credit is due, e.g. artwork by other people.